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The Art Collection housed in the six Italian headquarters includes over 250 works and reflects Generali's relationship with the territory, recounting the changes of art over the course of history.

The most represented artistic period in the Collection is the 20th century, during which the Company favored the acquisition of artefacts by "local" artists from the various geographical areas of its headquarters.

Rome holds works by Umberto Boccioni, Felice Casorati, Alberto Savinio, but also Edoardo Capogrossi and Mario Mafai. Milan showcases pieces by Giorgio De Chirico and Massimo Campigli, also on show in Mogliano Veneto, while Trieste houses, in addition to two plaster bas-reliefs by Maestro Antonio Canova from the late 18th century, works by Mario Sironi, Fausto Pirandello, Dyalma Stultus, Umberto Veruda and numerous local artists. Three frescos by Ippolito Caffi from the late 19th century can be admired in Venice, together with works by Antonio Donghi and Gino Severini, leading exponents of the Italian magical realism and futurism. In Turin there is a large collection of works by artists mainly associated with local genre scenes.

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