Guided visit of the Generali Historical Archive in Trieste

The Historical Archive offers guided visits at their headquarters in palazzo Berlam.

A visit to one among the largest insurance archives, declared a cultural asset by the Italian Ministry for Culture for its global significance for Trieste and its international vocation.

A physical environment where the visitor’s attention is immersed in a fascinating trip through Generali’s history.

An adventure told through images, words, colours and stories. A unique experience that combines architecture, technology and narration and that enables visitors to immerse themselves in the story, the history, and the lives of Generali.

The history of the Company is told through a journey made possible by documents, objects and photographs that testify to the role of Generali in society.

The journey unwinds around a narrative linked to the Company’s values of innovation, adaptability, connection, internationalism and corporate responsibility, all of which have always been part of the DNA of the Generali Group. 

The Archive offers a glimpse at historical events such as the insurance of Umberto Nobile’s mission to the North Pole in 1928, Franz Kafka’s time spent working at Generali from 1907 to 1908, aerospace insurance for the first Italian in space, the 19th century hail charts, antique policies, photo albums, and valuable objects from the Company’s participation in trade expos or from specific anniversaries in the Company’s history. Alongside the famous signatories are also less well-known documents that became part of everyday life, such as the posters by Beltrame, Boccasile and Dudovich, the advertising brochures printed in different languages and the fire marks that can still be seen affixed to homes and buildings today.

The visit lasts an hour and a half for groups of maximum 15 people.