XII Settimana della cultura d’impresa: the Generali extraordinary tales of ordinary lives recounted at the Generali Historical Archive

10 November 2023

Generali Historical Archive News

Dalla tua nascita, advertising brochure, detail (1960s-1970s) / ph. Massimo Gardone

This year the Generali Historical Archive joins the Settimana della cultura d’impresa (Week of Corporate Culture), the series of events promoted by Confindustria and Museimpresa from 6 to 20 November to help people discover the immense cultural heritage preserved in Italian companies’ museums and archives.

The XXII edition, entitled The individual at the core of sustainable development. The soul of the conscious company aims to raise public awareness of the importance of people as well as new development models that focus on sustainability and the cooperative relationship between humans and machines. The soul and identity values that make a company aware and responsible, both in the production processes and in the supply chain and territory relationships will take center stage.

Ca’ Corniani, planimetry and water pump (2021) / ph. Massimo Gardone

As part of the activities, the Generali Historical Archive is arranging three unique guided tours of Palazzo Berlam on November 16th, which will focus on the company’s documentary heritage. The Generali Life Stories: Extraordinary tales of Ordinary Lives exhibit will feature documents, photos, and artifacts pertaining to the company’s nearly two-century history as seen from the perspective of how it has affected people’s lives. This includes the company’s founding as a joint-stock company in Trieste in 1831, the first geolocation of buildings insured against fire damage through fire plates, avant-garde studies on human life insurance, the first meteorological forecast and follow-up research on hail to make an impossible insurance possible, and the ground-breaking on-demand travel insurance against injuries sustained during a rail or boat ride, not to mention the additional welfare guarantees directed at its workers, added to collective contract agreements well in advance of the national public administration.

An entrepreneurial spirit that is innovative, open to change, and socially responsible, capable of meeting the demands and specifications of different countries, and able to take the lead in significant projects like the reclaiming of unfriendly territories (like Ca’ Corniani, Venice) or making a significant contribution to the urban development of the architectural and artistic heritage in numerous cities, including the most stunning squares in Italy and around the world.

When: Tuesday 17 October
Where: Palazzo Berlam, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, 1, Trieste
Times available: 4.00pm – 4.45pm – 5.30pm
Approximate duration: 1.5 hours
Groups: max 15 people
Registration method: by booking only. Please, send your email to archiviostoricogenerali@generali.com. Booking requests will be accepted in order of arrival up to 5.00pm on the day before the visit.

Visitors are asked to arrive 10 minutes before their appointment time and to bring a valid identification document.