The Age of the Lion

28 July 2017


The book looks at corporate facts and epochal changes that have taken place over the long span of time since the Company’s birth, recounting in detail events and protagonists that have contributed to the growth of the Generali Group. Ample space is given to period news and photos that illustrate political and war events, scientific discoveries and geographic explorations, major cultural works and memorable sporting achievements, alternating the pages of the book with images and facts closely related to company life.

The “History” section is followed by “Portraits”, dedicated to personages of the Company: administrators and executives who determined the evolution of business strategies, but also people of culture who worked for Generali and in one way or another left their intellectual imprint, even though they did not hold top positions.

The “Focus” section collects a number of insights into various topics, such as the real estate assets of Generali in Italy and abroad, the farms of the Group, the support given to cultural and sporting initiatives, art collections, evolution of the logo and the company magazine “Bollettino”.

Compared with the previous editions of 2002 and 2007, all content has been greatly enriched, also thanks to the contribution of the documentary heritage held at the Company’s Historical Archive.

Find the book presentation video here, and the interactive versions and PDFs here

The Age of the Lion. Assicurazioni Generali’s long journey from 1831 to the third millennium.
Trieste: Assicurazioni Generali, 2015 295 pp.: ill.; 28 cm