Generali Adventures

14 December 2022


Inspired by documents and objects preserved in the Historical Archive, the original contributions by authors, cartoonists and storywriters collected in the book take us on an unforgettable adventure to discover Generali’s history. A 190-year long journey, intertwined with historical events, but also with the lives, ideas and, at times, adventures of the people who have traced and left their mark on its path through the centuries.

Generali Adventures is a tale of Assicurazioni Generali, between history and comics. Thanks to the historical memory preserved in the Historical Archive the volume rediscovers and gives new life to characters and events, both real and realistic, to retrace Generali’s history playing with the sometimes dreamlike imagination of comics.

The narrator of this work, created in collaboration with PAFF! Palazzo Arti Fumetto Friuli, is Bruna, blogger born from the imagination of Alessandro Brunetti. This “pop” tale takes readers on a journey of discovery through six stories entrusted to the creativity of six authors of different ages, backgrounds and styles: Giulio De Vita, Helena Masellis, Kalina Muhova, Francesco Cattani, Cristina Portolano, and Yi Yang, with scripts by Alessandro Lise and cover art by Luca Salvagno.

Together with Bruna, it is possible to rediscover fragments of identity from the past to understand the present and create the future by recomposing 190 years of Generali’s history. The characters, milestones and anecdotes narrated in the book embody the values that have always been part of the Company’s DNA: its drive for innovation under the banner of progress, its openness to different cultures and unexplored territories, and its commitment to a more open, prosperous and supportive society. Elements that allow Generali, still today, to meet the challenges of our time as a Lifetime Partner to people and to be protagonists in shaping a sustainable future.

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