The Generali Historical Archive for Archivi Aperti

07 October 2022

Generali Historical Archive News

The Generali Historical Archive is participating in the eighth Archivi Aperti event “Conservare il futuro. Quale design per gli archivi fotografici tra nuove tecnologie e rivoluzione digitale? [Open Archives – Preserving the future. How will new technologies and the digital revolution impact the design of photographic archives?]”.

Palazzo Berlam, The Hall / ph. Schirra/Giraldi

The event, organised by Rete Fotografia (Rete per la Valorizzazione della Fotografia [Network for the Promotion of Photography]), runs from 14 to 23 October, features more than 43 public and private photographic archives from all over Italy and is aimed at a wide audience including specialists, scholars and enthusiasts of photography and history in general.

The initiative is notable for its dual purpose: to promote prestigious public conservation bodies and to give access to extraordinary photographic archives of institutions, museums, foundations and professional studios that are normally hidden from public view while addressing a highly topical theme related to the world of the image through in-depth sessions and scheduled meetings.

The Generali Historical Archive is organising two guided tours for the occasion at the new exhibition spaces set up in Trieste’s iconic Berlam building, known as the “Red Skyscraper”, at 4 pm on 14 and 21 October.

It is a unique opportunity to take a journey through time that re-tells Trieste’s international history through a wealth of personal accounts drawn from documents, objects and photographs.

The Historical Archive is the proud custodian of an international trove of knowledge, experience and identity, which has always had a key role in supporting the Generali Group to tackle the challenges of the present and to shape the future of the communities in which it is active, as both insurer provider and social innovator.

Palazzo Geiringer, Executive room (1930s)

The Archive offers a glimpse at historical events such as Umberto Nobile’s mission to the North Pole in 1928, Franz Kafka’s time spent working at Generali from 1907 to 1908, aerospace insurance for the first Italian in space, the beautifully designed 19th century hail charts, antique policies, photo albums, and valuable printed items from the company’s participation in trade expos or from specific anniversaries in the company’s history. Alongside the famous signatories are also less well-known documents that became part of everyday life, such as the posters by Beltrame, Boccasile and Dudovich, the colourful advertising brochures printed in different languages and the fire marks that can still be seen today affixed to homes and buildings throughout Europe.

Booking is essential – apply in writing to:

Booking requests will be accepted in order of arrival up to 17.00 on the day before the visit. Duration of the visit: 1 hour and 30 minutes.