New databases available online

28 July 2022

Ina Assitalia Historical Archive News

The INA Assitalia Historical Archive has two new databases online: the first is a collection of advertising leaflets, pamphlets, booklets and brochures (so-called small adverts) produced by the Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (INA) from its founding (1912) until the late 1960s. This is where the state insurance body published information regarding all its many and varied activities throughout different historical periods: the initial introduction of the concept of welfare, life insurance policies for every social group and commercial sector, known as ‘popular’ insurance policies, welfare in the school system, its vast real estate heritage, ties with the medical sciences, and last but not least, celebrations for significant anniversaries: twentieth (1933) and fiftieth (1963).

The second database joins an existing one, of the INA world’s two magazines. Issues of a third, La prima idea, are now available. This was a quality periodical publication that started out in Bologna in the 1930s as an initiative of the local INA general agent. This magazine, dedicated to children and young people, soon went into national circulation, although its editorial staff remained in the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, in the historic building belonging to the INA at the time that overlooked Piazza Maggiore. First distributed in schools before later being handed out as gifts to small policyholders, this magazine addressed the subject of welfare through stories, novellas and poems entrusted to expert writers such as Maria Bartolini and Giorgio Gostini. Other subjects included those close to the hearts of the regime: significant building projects, colonial exploration (civilisations, territories and animals) and tales of military adventure.

Discover the new databases of INA small adverts and La prima idea!