New databases available online

25 May 2021

Ina Assitalia Historical Archive

The renewed Assicurazioni Generali Heritage website now includes three new databases from the INA Assitalia Historical Archive.

The first integrates the Minutes database, to which are added the volumes covering the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Standing Committee from 1929 to 1943, covering the many years of the presidency of Giuseppe Bevione, which make it possible to follow the different business areas (industrial, real estate and assets) of the Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (INA) during the Fascist period.

The other two databases also offer a look into this period from different perspectives.

The second regards two magazines published by parallel institutions to the INA: “Famiglia Nostra” (“Our Family”) by the INA’s recreational club (known as the Dopolavoro), the headquarters and local branches of which were located in the heart of Rome at the time, in the building constructed by INA itself in a project led by Carlo Broggi, in Via Veneto 89, and “La Buona Semente” (“The Good Seed”) by the Comitato Lombardo per le Assicurazioni Popolari (the “Lombard Advertising Committee for Popular Insurance”). Both contain a treasure trove of images and information regarding both the INA as well as the social life in those years.

The third database deals exclusively with the healthcare activity of the INA via its laboratory in the traditional headquarters of the INA in Via Sallustiana 51 and of the medical centres located around the country. This offers evidence of the INA’s activities in the medical sector, the medical trials of those it insured, the scientific magazine “L’Assistenza Sanitaria” (“Medical Assistance”), which is packed with contributions from figures in medical-scientific research and insurance, and precious monographs including, for example, Vivere sani, Salute tesoro della vita (“Healthy Living, Health as the Treasure of Life”) and Igiene della vita coloniale (“Hygiene in Colonial Life”) (with the Latin subheading: non timeo leones sed animalunca quaedam, or “I do not fear lions, I fear other tiny animals”).

Discover the new databases of the minutes of the Board of Directors and the Standing Committee, the company magazines Famiglia Nostra and La Buona Semente and the medical pubblications.