INA-Casa: new documents available to scholars

01 September 2017

Ina Assitalia Historical Archive News

INA-Casa Management administrative dossiers were recently recovered by staff of the INA-Assitalia Historical Archive during a verification of their deposits.  The documents, kept in more than thirty large boxes, come from the INA Inspection Centres of Lazio and Campania, which also functioned at the time – between the 1950s and 1960s – as peripheral bodies of INA-Casa Management.

The INA-Casa documents from the Inspection Centre with head office in Rome concern Lazio and Umbria, those from the Inspection Centre with head office in Naples refer to Campania, Molise and Basilicata.

The dossiers – dusty as always, but sorted in files, folders and binders clearly marked alphanumerically and by city – are certainly part of an old organised and functional archive. They consist mainly of correspondence between the Management and the INA Inspection Centre which, as executive office, dealt with various administrative procedures such as acquisition of areas, alienation of assets and granting use (servitude) of premises for various utilities. In the first and most numerous typology, there is often area planimetry.

While being administrative dossiers and not technical projects, they are rich in information and can allow researchers and scholars to both learn more about the bureaucratic mechanisms of the Management in its current activities and relationships with INA, and to track down the Contracting Station – that is, the Institution, Company or Cooperative – which actually dealt with the construction of real estate.