Archeological Collection

The Museum Roots of the Present is located in piazza Venezia (Rome) on the second floor of Generali’s headquarters. It is a permanent exhibition of 300 Roman archaeological remains, that were mostly found during the excavation campaign of the building’s foundations in the early twentieth century. The museum’s itinerary is characterized by five “habitable sets” in which the artefacts become witnesses and interpreters of an ancient world that constantly exchanges with the present.

Many educational activities are offered, for example, through a camera pointed at Trajan’s column it is possible to examine in detail the last six orders of its bas-reliefs portraying the last phases of Trajan’s military campaigns against the Dacians. In the future, Assicurazioni Generali will continue to protect and support its inestimable artistic heritage and to enhance its legacy with initiatives addressed to an increasingly wider public.


Corporate Heritage
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